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FROSTER: Your logistics partner in fresh-frozen food

FROSTER is a logistics and quality partner well-established food brands and start-ups. We work with a vision that covers all aspects of a company’s logistics, we help them achieve success and raise their turnover figures. We offer overall solutions for logistics and fresh-frozen food stock management for food manufacturers and sales organisations. We also offer a full package of quality management and financial services to support them. Moreover, we enjoy applying our knowledge and extensive network to help connect creative food professionals, wholesalers and retailers.

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To find out exactly what FROSTER can do for your business, please get in touch with John Rombouts: + 31 (0) 416 - 567 340

“Your success is our success. As a full-service logistics partner, we help you achieve your goals.”
John Rombouts

Our expertise

FROSTER has been a logistics partner and platform for many well-established (fresh-frozen) food manufacturers, sales organisations, procurement services and retailers for a good number of decades. We provide them with the storage and transport for their frozen food products to food services, retailers and large-volume users throughout the Netherlands.

Our guiding principle is the excellence of our logistics services: our knowledge, our experience and our network in the food sector add huge amounts of value to their operations. Because we offer a full package of services, FROSTER holds an unparalleled position in the market.  We work with a vision that covers all aspects of a company’s logistics, we help them achieve success and raise their turnover figures.

Logistics management

FROSTER is punctual and flexible

At FROSTER, we have our own fleet and team of proficient drivers who are on the road daily to deliver fresh-frozen food to wholesalers, retailers and large-volume users all over the Netherlands. The deliveries are carried out with the utmost care and, moreover, with plenty of know-how. We provide conditioned storage and conditioned transport, we manage stocks and information and connect food manufacturers to the market.

Transport throughout the Netherlands

All our buyers can count on our punctual and reliable delivery services. We travel along fixed routes through the whole of the Netherlands every day. Thanks to the scale of our networks and operations and our short lines of communication, we can afford to be flexible in the arrangements for our route schedules.

Transport in Europe

As well as our distribution services in the Netherlands and Belgium executed by our own fleet, here at FROSTER, we are happy to take on a role of an overall service company to arrange any kind of transport within Europe that you might need.

Conditioned storage

FROSTER: thousands of frozen quality products in stock

Our cutting-edge cold-storage plant has more than 7,000 m² with approximately 9,000 pallet positions – and we’re planning a substantial extension in the very near future. This will give FROSTER all the space we need to maintain stocks of thousands of frozen products and to deliver them immediately..

BRC and SKAL certification

Food manufacturers trust us to take care of their fresh-frozen quality products and we can guarantee them safe, conditioned storage and distribution that comply with HACCP/BRC standards for storage & distribution. FROSTER is BRC certified and meets the standards of HACCP. FROSTER is also SKAL (a certification institute for agricultural products) certified, which means that periodic audits are conducted (please also see: quality management)

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A constant temperature

Our energy-efficient plant maintains our freezer warehouses at a constant temperature of minus 22 °C. A digital registration and surveillance system monitors the conditions in our freezer cells to make sure they are stable twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Technical breakdowns or deviations are reported immediately by the warning system so that we can respond rapidly and, if necessary, take action.

Order picking

FROSTER delivers pick pallets, full pallets and containers

From our freezer warehouse, thousands of fresh-frozen food products travel to consumers daily via the wholesalers and retail channels we supply to. We collect your orders together with the utmost care and, thanks to our very efficiently arranged order system (which also enables us to use EDI links), our order picking runs perfectly smoothly, whether we are piece picking orders, picking entire pallets or orders for container transport.

Financial services

FROSTER can take care of your stock accounts, invoicing and accounts receivable management

Our warehouse management system enables us to report to you on the status of your stocks and the best-before dates of your fresh-frozen products. In addition, FROSTER can take a large part of the administrative work off your hands.

Focus on your core activities

If you like, we can take care of the invoicing and accounts receivable management related to your deliveries by means of EDI links. You, the supplier, simply send us periodic invoices and here at FROSTER, we’ll make sure the payment is done in due time; we will also handle all the administrative matters with buyers. As a manufacturer, you won’t need to worry about the logistics process or the financial side of things, which will leave you free to focus fully on your core business. We would be only too happy to inform you about the options and conditions.

FROSTER can also assist you with your finances

As well as the accounts receivable management and stock management, we can, if you like, take care of (pre)financing the accounts receivable or buy your stocks too. If your company is growing or if your company has large stocks and a considerable need for liquid assets and if you use our full package of services, we can help by examining how your stocks can be financed. Here at Froster, we’d like to help you consider all the options for an overall service; in fact, we can even offer factoring in specific cases.

Quality management

FROSTER: food safety and quality is our main priority

Needless to say, food safety and hygiene are Froster’s main priority. We follow the HACCP/BRC code, on which our quality policy is based and our in-house quality assurance officer ensures that we always comply with those standards.

Product traceability

An important part of our quality assurance system is each product’s traceability: from the time it is received in our freezer warehouse to the time it is delivered to the wholesaler or retailer, we monitor and register the conditions constantly.

Ingredient declarations

The standards for food are becoming increasingly stringent and the ever-changing requirements for mandatory label information and the extensive requirements for disclosing product specifications via the Internet are often time-consuming. If you wish, FROSTER can relieve you of the work involved in processing all your product declarations in the central databanks such as GS1 or PS in Foodservice. Our quality Assurance officer will ensure that the specifications management and/or labelling are handled efficiently and correctly and that they will comply with all the statutory requirements .

HACCP certification

In Europe, manufacturers of food are obliged to draw up a HACCP plan and act accordingly. Here at FROSTER, we can supervise the HACCP certification procedure for you and answer all your questions on this subject. We have all the most recent information on the documentation and certification you need and we would love to help. Froster is BRC certified and meets the standards of HACCP.

Networks & connections

FROSTER is pivotal in the food sector

FROSTER has a wealth of knowledge and experience in addition to our unprecedentedly large network in the food-service and retail market. We are happy to share our expertise with our partners and with creative and enterprising start-up companies. After all, it takes more than just a good, distinctive and tasty idea to achieve success. FROSTER is your sparring partner when you are working on the follow-up development of an innovative product and can help you find potential buyers. FROSTER is pivotal to food manufacturers and wholesalers, retailers and large-volume users. Here at FROSTER, we can help you call your target group’s attention to your product!

“Actually, at FROSTER, everything related to the market comes together. Food manufacturers and market connect through FROSTER; we are the link.”
Paul Hoogveld, Operations staff executive

Collaborating partners

FROSTER has exclusive partnerships with dozens of food manufacturers and works very closely with another two hundred suppliers. We cover everything, from traditional Dutch snacks and calamari to pancakes and sourdough loaves. We work with a vision that covers all aspects of a company’s logistics and we help our business clients make their products a success and raise their turnover figures.

Every product is unique

Every food manufacturer, every product has its own story. The common ground is that we all want to surprise people with high quality (fresh-frozen) products. It’s impossible to introduce all our suppliers here, so instead we’d like to share some real-life experiences.

Edwin Hak, General Director at Topking Fingerfood:

“We’ve been working with FROSTER for decades now. This company takes care of the entire distribution process to the retailers, all the distribution in Belgium and some of the distribution to the food service sector too for us. The lines of communication are short and FROSTER is reliable and flexible. It’s not a problem for them if we need to add to the order or if we need extra help with a delivery to a food service – they’ll give us a hand.”

Topking Fingerfood produces many branded products, including Vlammetjes®, KaasTengels®, Vuurvreters®, Roti-Roll®, VlamTosti’s®, Vlammensaus®, Vlam-Panini’s®, grilled sandwiches, traditionally made hamburgers and satay.

Robert Luttjehuizen, Co-Director and Co-owner of Spirello B.V.:

“Although I have plenty of affinity with food and we both have a background in business services, my partner Joris Korsten and I were still a bit out of our depth when we started. We set up a small-scale production line to make Spirellos. In fact, at first, we made them at home. Soon, however, we started looking around for a professional party who could help with storage and distribution – we didn’t want to ‘mess around with home freezers’”.
Quite early in the process, we met John Rombouts, whose belief in Spirellos was incredibly valuable to us, a new company with a new product. The way FROSTER contributes ideas, the convenience they offer, the speed of their operations, their complete frankness in everything: all these things make FROSTER quite unique. Every question about logistics I put to them is solved. I don’t need to worry about a thing. We’ve found the right party with FROSTER.”

Spirello BV is the inventor and manufacturer of Spirellos©, a 100% natural potato snack that’s ready to eat in only 30 seconds. The company was founded in 2014 and has grown rapidly ever since. Spirellos are available at amusement parks and festivals throughout Europe. Furthermore, Spirello B.V. is busy developing and introducing other innovative food concepts.

Ruud Harmsen, Director of Frio Food BV:

“We have an overall service level agreement with FROSTER: our condition is an efficient, frequent and reliable delivery so that we can offer our customers a very high level of service. And FROSTER delivers to an amazingly high standard. On the rare occasion that a slight disruption in the process occurs, they handle it and solve it pro-actively and the communication between all the parties concerned is always good. FROSTER’s combination of bulk and close-knit distribution is very special. Bulk distribution is something that plenty of parties offer, but no one can carry out close-knit distribution like FROSTER can.”

Frio Food is a frozen food specialist with a portfolio of own and exclusive brands. Frio Food’s operations include manufacture, sales and marketing as well as concept and product development.

Alex Veldt, Director/owner of Veldt’s Pannenkoeken BV:

“We’ve been working with FROSTER for 34 years, no less, and if it’s up to me, I think we’ll be working with them for another 34. My view is that, as a business, you should know your strengths and let someone else do the rest. FROSTER’s people take care of the storage, stock management, logistics and invoicing and do it so well that I can focus on my own business twice as well.

At the moment, there are a lot of changes going on in our sector and our market in Europe is growing. FROSTER deals with all these changes effortlessly.  My motto is “together, we’re strong” and FROSTER can really deliver on that. The cooperation feels comfortable, almost as if FROSTER’s warehouse were ours.”

Veldt’s Pannenkoeken BV supplies traditionally made pancakes in many varieties and crêpes, traditional Dutch poffertjes and waffles to the food-service sector.

'Our suppliers enjoy the convenience of our specifications management and labelling services, as we take all this work off their hands.'
Bas Moolenschot, quality assurance officer

Introducing FROSTER

John Rombouts, Director and second generation to join the family business:

“Every day, FROSTER’s people apply their knowledge, experience and network to help both well-established food companies and start-ups to advance. To that end, we have a full package of services which deliver more than just the conditioned storage and transport of frozen products. We stay abreast of the developments in the ever-changing food sector so we can assist our business clients and partners with practical advice and effective solutions, take a pro-active and constructive approach to their problems and we feel committed to their success.

We carry a great many wonderful brands, with a very diverse range comprising, in total, thousands of different fresh-frozen food products, from smoothies, vegetables, ice-cream, traditional Dutch snacks and gourmet appetizers, pancakes, tapas and pizzas to luxury sourdough loaves. To deliver all these good things to the consumers, FROSTER holds a special position between the food manufacturers on the one hand and the market and consumers on the other, which makes FROSTER a truly unique company.

Personal and committed

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was our extensive network: we’ve been operating on the food-service and retail market for over forty years. Now, we operate in every region of the Netherlands, in Belgium, Germany and a number of other countries in Europe too. Of course, we’re proud of our history, but we prefer to look ahead. We have ambitious plans for the future, with a focus on sustainability while maintaining a firm grip on our core values: personal and committed operations based on partnerships.”

Read more about our team

working at FROSTER

The FROSTER team

At FROSTER’s helm is John Rombouts, who joined the family business in 1982. In 1997, he succeeded to his father’s position as the head of the company. Nico, his father, set up the storage and distribution of frozen food in 1980, building solid foundations for FROSTER as it is today. John Rombouts can draw on a broad base of experience in logistics, sales and food-concept development and creation while his particular personal talent is connecting people and companies. At Froster, John is supported by a team of approximately seventy experienced employees and specialists in logistics, sales, finance, food, and quality assurance systems.

Working at FROSTER

The food market and out-of-home market is developing rapidly, so FROSTER continues to grow. In the short term, we are planning an expansion of our cold-storage plant, including equipping our freezer warehouse with the very latest technology. However, the most important factor for our success is our staff, who daily ensure the quality of our logistics services and accordingly contribute to our leading position in the market.

If you think you could contribute value to FROSTER, please get in touch: we always welcome highly motivated people with good qualifications. Working at FROSTER means working for a leading family business where commitment and a personal touch are highly valued. We would like to help you get the very best from yourself by giving you opportunities for personal growth in your day-to-day work and by schooling. If you would like to learn more about working with us, please get in touch with Wendy Collard at FROSTER by telephone + 31 (0) 416 - 567 340 or by email: p&o@froster.nl.

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