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For start-ups that are just starting out or companies that have little or no staff. Working with Froster is a must.

5 years ago we joined Froster because of the takeover of Wereldburgers. The previous owners had also stored the stock of Wereldburgers at Froster. We have continued this.


Froster relieves the entrepreneur by providing weekly overviews of the stock, but also the orders that are being processed and the logistics. In addition, we have also outsourced the administration and invoicing to Froster. This gives us a lot of rest because it is all well organized. In addition, cooperating with Froster has the advantage that they come weekly to daily at all wholesalers in the Netherlands and Belgium. In this way, all Wereldburger products can run in the system. Whether it concerns order picking from a few boxes to full pallets, without restrictions. No logistics partner in the market offers this added value.


In addition, at Polarpack, which is part of Froster, we also have various products repackaged in Wereldburger boxes. Whether you want to have products packaged individually or deposited in bags, the possibilities are (almost) unlimited.

What we also find important is that both Froster and Polarpack are certified. That gives a feeling of confidence to ourselves and our customers.

Through this way we would like to emphasize that the staff is always there for you, and they are very helpful!