What we do

From anonymous product to own brand
Customised box content and labelling
Efficiency through specialisation

From bulk to consumer packaging

Froster aims to make logistics problem-free for our customers. Therefore we also take care of the last step between production and distribution: repackaging. Bulk products are converted to small packs and given the right packaging and labelling. An anonymous product is given a customer-specific appearance. Ready for sale!

Small packaging, big impact

Composing small packages is a delicate process, especially when multiple food products are involved. That is why safeguarding the cold chain during the repackaging process is absolutely essential. PolarPack, a Froster initiative, is fully equipped for this. A final product with the desired brand experience is created under climate-controlled conditions. 

Why repackaging with PolarPack?

  • Customised box content, packaging and labelling.
  • Constant ambient temperature of maximum 4° Celsius. 
  • Efficient process by means of cooperation with Froster