Introducing FROSTER

John Rombouts, Director and second generation to join the family business:

“Every day, FROSTER’s people apply their knowledge, experience and network to help both well-established food companies and start-ups to advance. To that end, we have a full package of services which deliver more than just the conditioned storage and transport of frozen products. We stay abreast of the developments in the ever-changing food sector so we can assist our business clients and partners with practical advice and effective solutions, take a pro-active and constructive approach to their problems and we feel committed to their success.

We carry a great many wonderful brands, with a very diverse range comprising, in total, thousands of different fresh-frozen food products, from smoothies, vegetables, ice-cream, traditional Dutch snacks and gourmet appetizers, pancakes, tapas and pizzas to luxury sourdough loaves. To deliver all these good things to the consumers, FROSTER holds a special position between the food manufacturers on the one hand and the market and consumers on the other, which makes FROSTER a truly unique company.

Personal and committed

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was our extensive network: we’ve been operating on the food-service and retail market for over forty years. Now, we operate in every region of the Netherlands, in Belgium, Germany and a number of other countries in Europe too. Of course, we’re proud of our history, but we prefer to look ahead. We have ambitious plans for the future, with a focus on sustainability while maintaining a firm grip on our core values: personal and committed operations based on partnerships.”

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The FROSTER team

At FROSTER’s helm is John Rombouts, who joined the family business in 1982. In 1997, he succeeded to his father’s position as the head of the company. Nico, his father, set up the storage and distribution of frozen food in 1980, building solid foundations for FROSTER as it is today. John Rombouts can draw on a broad base of experience in logistics, sales and food-concept development and creation while his particular personal talent is connecting people and companies. At Froster, John is supported by a team of approximately seventy experienced employees and specialists in logistics, sales, finance, food, and quality assurance systems.

Working at FROSTER

The food market and out-of-home market is developing rapidly, so FROSTER continues to grow. In the short term, we are planning an expansion of our cold-storage plant, including equipping our freezer warehouse with the very latest technology. However, the most important factor for our success is our staff, who daily ensure the quality of our logistics services and accordingly contribute to our leading position in the market.

If you think you could contribute value to FROSTER, please get in touch: we always welcome highly motivated people with good qualifications. Working at FROSTER means working for a leading family business where commitment and a personal touch are highly valued. We would like to help you get the very best from yourself by giving you opportunities for personal growth in your day-to-day work and by schooling. If you would like to learn more about working with us, please get in touch with Wendy Collard at FROSTER by telephone + 31 (0) 416 - 567 340 or by email: p&