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FROSTER | Prof. Zeemanweg 19, 5144 NN Waalwijk (NL) | Tel. +31(0)416 567 340 | E-mail: info@froster.nl

FROSTER: Your logistics partner in fresh-frozen food

FROSTER is a logistics and quality partner well-established food brands and start-ups. We work with a vision that covers all aspects of a company’s logistics, we help them achieve success and raise their turnover figures. We offer overall solutions for logistics and fresh-frozen food stock management for food manufacturers and sales organisations. We also offer a full package of quality management and financial services to support them. Moreover, we enjoy applying our knowledge and extensive network to help connect creative food professionals, wholesalers and retailers.

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To find out exactly what FROSTER can do for your business, please get in touch with John Rombouts: + 31 (0) 416 - 567 340