Collaborating partners

FROSTER has exclusive partnerships with dozens of food manufacturers and works very closely with another two hundred suppliers. We cover everything, from traditional Dutch snacks and calamari to pancakes and sourdough loaves. We work with a vision that covers all aspects of a company’s logistics and we help our business clients make their products a success and raise their turnover figures.

Every product is unique

Every food manufacturer, every product has its own story. The common ground is that we all want to surprise people with high quality (fresh-frozen) products. It’s impossible to introduce all our suppliers here, so instead we’d like to share some real-life experiences.

Edwin Hak, General Director at Topking Fingerfood:

“We’ve been working with FROSTER for decades now. This company takes care of the entire distribution process to the retailers, all the distribution in Belgium and some of the distribution to the food service sector too for us. The lines of communication are short and FROSTER is reliable and flexible. It’s not a problem for them if we need to add to the order or if we need extra help with a delivery to a food service – they’ll give us a hand.”

Topking Fingerfood produces many branded products, including Vlammetjes®, KaasTengels®, Vuurvreters®, Roti-Roll®, VlamTosti’s®, Vlammensaus®, Vlam-Panini’s®, grilled sandwiches, traditionally made hamburgers and satay.

Robert Luttjehuizen, Co-Director and Co-owner of Spirello B.V.:

“Although I have plenty of affinity with food and we both have a background in business services, my partner Joris Korsten and I were still a bit out of our depth when we started. We set up a small-scale production line to make Spirellos. In fact, at first, we made them at home. Soon, however, we started looking around for a professional party who could help with storage and distribution – we didn’t want to ‘mess around with home freezers’”.
Quite early in the process, we met John Rombouts, whose belief in Spirellos was incredibly valuable to us, a new company with a new product. The way FROSTER contributes ideas, the convenience they offer, the speed of their operations, their complete frankness in everything: all these things make FROSTER quite unique. Every question about logistics I put to them is solved. I don’t need to worry about a thing. We’ve found the right party with FROSTER.”

Spirello BV is the inventor and manufacturer of Spirellos©, a 100% natural potato snack that’s ready to eat in only 30 seconds. The company was founded in 2014 and has grown rapidly ever since. Spirellos are available at amusement parks and festivals throughout Europe. Furthermore, Spirello B.V. is busy developing and introducing other innovative food concepts.

Ruud Harmsen, Director of Frio Food BV:

“We have an overall service level agreement with FROSTER: our condition is an efficient, frequent and reliable delivery so that we can offer our customers a very high level of service. And FROSTER delivers to an amazingly high standard. On the rare occasion that a slight disruption in the process occurs, they handle it and solve it pro-actively and the communication between all the parties concerned is always good. FROSTER’s combination of bulk and close-knit distribution is very special. Bulk distribution is something that plenty of parties offer, but no one can carry out close-knit distribution like FROSTER can.”

Frio Food is a frozen food specialist with a portfolio of own and exclusive brands. Frio Food’s operations include manufacture, sales and marketing as well as concept and product development.

Alex Veldt, Director/owner of Veldt’s Pannenkoeken BV:

“We’ve been working with FROSTER for 34 years, no less, and if it’s up to me, I think we’ll be working with them for another 34. My view is that, as a business, you should know your strengths and let someone else do the rest. FROSTER’s people take care of the storage, stock management, logistics and invoicing and do it so well that I can focus on my own business twice as well.

At the moment, there are a lot of changes going on in our sector and our market in Europe is growing. FROSTER deals with all these changes effortlessly.  My motto is “together, we’re strong” and FROSTER can really deliver on that. The cooperation feels comfortable, almost as if FROSTER’s warehouse were ours.”

Veldt’s Pannenkoeken BV supplies traditionally made pancakes in many varieties and crêpes, traditional Dutch poffertjes and waffles to the food-service sector.